Introducing Nutraceuticals Base Blends

Introducing Base Blends| Nutraceuticals



Base Blends

We strive to make your job easier. By choosing a Nutraceuticals Base Blend we provide the foundation for you to build your own product to suit your customers.

Many of our range of ready formulated blends come with EFSA Health Claims. This means you can tell right away that the hard work has been done. If required we can then assist you with the tailoring that makes the blend unique to you. 

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Why Chose Nutraceuticals Base Blends?

It goes without saying that our Base Blends, like any of the other ingredient we currently supply come with the same great service, quality, documentation, traceability and speedy delivery, but we also provide:

  • Full ingredients listing
  • EFSA Health Claims where applicable
  • Assistance with dosage
  • Assistance with regulation and labelling
  • The science to advise how you can build on the blends of your choosing
  • Flexibility on quantity
  • Samples readily available upon request
  • Industry beating delivery times

For a fully up to date list of our base blends please click here  

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales colleagues to help guide you to the best solutions for your formulations.