Brexit statement business as usual

Brexit: Business as Usual

Dear All,

As you know (and are probably fed up with) Brexit is nearly upon us and whichever side of the debate you sit on what can be sure is the terms of how the UK leaves and trades with the EU will never be good enough to some of the players on either side of the game. Trying to foresee what will happen at the point of Brexit, or after, is a futile exercise due to the intransigence of politicians which is why unlike many other suppliers we refuse to add to the general feeling o...

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apothecary jars RCP

Led Down A Very Therapeutic Garden Path

Royal College of Physicians Medicinal Garden

An investigation by Nutraceuticals Group Europe identifies widespread use of alarming production methods to culture mushroom products.

At Nutraceuticals Group Europe we have disclosed a serious quality issue with mushroom powders and extracts, which is little known within the Food and Supplements industry. This safety threat was exposed as a result of Nutraceuticals Group’s Risk Assessment programme, which is used ...

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Un nouveau partenariat des plus excitants avec l’IFST

Un nouveau partenariat des plus excitants avec l’IFST, l’Institut de science et technologie alimentaires britannique

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