Capsule Sizes

Information sheet detailing sizes of Gelatin and Vegetarian hard-capsules

Dietary Reference Values

European Vitamin, Mineral and Proximate Reference Values (NRV / RDA / RNI / DRV)

Enzyme Applications, Units and Information

Uses, codes and globally used units


List of E-Numbers and ingredients we can supply

Health Claims – EFSA

Table of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Article 13 Health Claims that can be made for Nutritional Ingredients

Mineral Activity and Solubility in Water

Elemental composition table for minerals including solubility in water

Natural Antioxidants

Outline of the natural antioxidants, supplied by NGE, fit for product preservation

Natural & Food State Vitamins & Minerals

A helpful table of highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals in their natural forms

Powder Mesh Sizes

Table to convert US and European units of powder particle size (granulometry) – Mesh / Sieve / Microns / mm / inches

Regulatory Advice

A list of useful links for the latest governmental and authoritative legislation

Scoville Heat Units (SHU) Scale

Table of approximate heat ratings, heat vs pure capsacin

Sweetener Activity

Detailing the relative sweetness of Nutraceuticals’ sweeteners

Vitamin Activity

Composition table for vitamins

Vitamin Stability

Information regarding the stability of vitamins under certain conditions

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