A new Partnership is born between the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutraceuticals Group Europe.

Remaining at the forefront of developments in food science is vital to the company ethos of Nutraceuticals Group Europe. That’s why we are thrilled about the association that we have just established with the UK’s leading professional body in this sector. Announced at the Spring conference of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), Nutraceuticals has pleasure in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of this elite organisation.

“…work together to support and inform developments within the industry.”

This sponsorship provides an opportunity for both organisations to work together to support and inform developments within the industry. As an ingredients company with a focus on offering our customers food science expertise and skilled technical support, the aims of the IFST neatly ally to our own priorities. In turn, we at Nutraceuticals are excited to be able to contribute to the health and innovation of the food science community.                                                                   

The theme of this year’s symposium further spurred us to launch the connection with the IFST. The concept of ‘Nutritional Science over Gut Feel’ embraces many areas of interest to Nutraceuticals and also to many of our customers. The presenters throughout the event – which was hosted at the University of Birmingham – explored the topic from a range of scientific, social, psychological and commercial perspectives. The content of the lectures was stimulating and thought provoking. In particular, the passionate presentation from Professor Johnathon Napier regarding the positive potential of GM plants really challenged the food industry’s perception of this technology in the UK. Other speakers delivered compelling discussions on the gut microbiome, consumer behaviour, the needs of silver economy and data modelling for NPD.

If a subtext for the conversation at the Conference could be identified, it arguably it was ‘the individual’. Many of the presenters referenced the need for an individualised response to nutritional and food science. From Judith Robinson, who outlined the labelling developments at Tesco to assist consumers to make informed choices based on their personal dietary and lifestyle requirements; to Prof John Mathers’ research on the particular influence of genetic make-up on weight loss; and Dr Maria Traka’s study of the impact of the gut flora on personal nutritional and overall health –  the recognition was that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the issues currently facing the food science community.

“We are motivated to provide a personalised, professional service for all of our customers…”

The concept of ‘the individual’ also ties in to motivations of Nutraceuticals as a business. We are motivated to provide a personalised, professional service for all of our customers – whether they are a massive multinational or a small start-up. This specialised response is consistently supported by strong product knowledge and reliable technical support. We are delighted that the establishment of our relationship with IFST means that we will have unprecedented access to cutting edge research and developments within the food science community and we look forward to incorporating this insight into the experience that we offer our customers. 

If you would like to learn more about the Institute of Food Science and Technology and the discussions around the recent Spring Conference, please visit https://www.ifst.org/home.

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