Dirty Peanut Shells

Peanut Allergen Timebomb in Mushroom Powders and Extracts

The Peanut Allergen Timebomb in Mushroom Powders and Extracts

An investigation by Nutraceuticals Group Europe identifies widespread use of alarming production methods to culture mushroom products.

At Nutraceuticals Group Europe we have disclosed a serious quality issue with mushroom powders and extracts, which is little known within the Food and Supplements industry. This safety threat was exposed as a result of Nutraceuticals Group’s Risk Assessment programm...

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An Exciting New Partnership with IFST

Remaining at the forefront of developments in food science is vital to the company ethos of Nutraceuticals Group Europe. That’s why we are thrilled about the association that we have just established with the UK’s leading professional body in this sector. Announced at the Spring conference of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), Nutraceuticals has pleasure in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of this elite organisation.

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Are there rogue ingredients in your coconut products?

Their multifarious health benefits and broad ranging food applications have been bolstered by endorsements from the elite of the sporting world and some of Insta’s most glamourous celebrities, so it is no surprise that Coconut Milk and Coconut Water products have garnered much media attention recently

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Vegan Probiotics at Nutraceuticals Group Europe

We have just been granted Vegan Society registration for a range of our Probiotic Powders.

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Raw cocoa Beans in a heart shape

Cocoa at Nutraceuticals Group Europe

Feeling brokenhearted after Valentine's? Could cocoa be the partner you're missing?

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cordyceps militaris on wooden spoons

Cordyceps - A Nutraceutical Truth Stranger than Fiction

What can the zombie fungus do for your product? The tale of a prized and power giving powder derived from a fungus that grows out of a baby insect and is worth almost the price of gold, sounds more like a story from the Brothers Grimm than the development of a modern-day nutraceutical. The ‘hero’ of this enticing anecdote is Cordyceps sinensis – an Ascomycetes fungus closely related to mushrooms. Remarkably, this fungi is parasitic and their genesis is dependent on immature insect or cater...

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The Haskap Berry’s Bioactive Bounty!

Nutraceuticals are pleased to launch Haskap Berry Powder! Sourced from a traditional Japanese medicinal fruit with remarkable antioxidant properties, vibrant colouring and appealing tangy berry flavour. The Haskap Berry (Lonicera caerulea L.) is a unique berry that is new to the European nutraceuticals and functional foods market. It has, however, a centuries long history of providing health benefit to the communities of North East Asia. Haskap Berries have grown wild in various regio...

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Large Pumpkin with autumn leaves

Pumpkins Galore

Not so spooky after all! This week, thousands of us will be rushing to the supermarkets to buy the best pumpkin to carve a scary, (or not so scary, depending on your artistic skills) face into this underrated squash. This so called carving massacre is brought on by Halloween. However, what most people won’t realise is that the pumpkin offers a lot more than just hours of endless mess and fun! Highly nutritious and a great source of protein, pumpkin powder could be the new kid on the block fo...

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GP3 Car in Final GP3 Race

Nutrition in the fast lane

Nutraceuticals Group Europe overtakes the competition with Arden Motorsport It’s mid way through race season in the world of Motorsport and we’ve had the pleasure in supporting our partners, Arden Motorsport, at circuits in Budapest last month and Monza last weekend. The team were excited to meet some of the drivers and crew and witness first hand how thrilling but demanding this sport really is where they regularly hit speeds over 200mph. Amongst the soaring temperatures and the pressure o...

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Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein on A Spoon With A Wooden Background With Face Cream

Collagen: Is it the key to staying young?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and can be found in our bones, muscles, connective tissue and blood vessels. Collagen is a bit like scaffolding – it holds the body together. Collagen also helps to contribute to the stability of our tissues and organs. However, it is not only limited to human beings, the protein polymer substance can also be harvested from the skin and cartilage of animals, too, such as cows, pigs and fish. The market for collagen is growing massively. ...

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