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Grass Fed Collagen

Grass Fed Fad| Nutraceuticals |Rebecca Spicer 13|08|2020 Grass Fed Collagen Before we make decisions on where we get our collagen, the sources and if grass fed, we should really think about what is collagen? What is Collagen? Why do we need Collagen? Sources of Collagen Grass Fed   Collagen is a protein made of a long chain of amino acids forming a triple helix fibril. It is the most abundant protein in mammals,  performing like a scaffold to form the structure of connective a...

Renewed Partnership with Arden Motorsport

Renewed Partnership with Arden Motorsport| Nutraceuticals |Press Release 28|07|2020 Pole Position We at Nutraceutials are excited to announce that we are renewing our partnership with Arden Motorsport. As lockdown eases we will be able to see how our unique blend fuels, improves performance and cut lap times for Alex Connor and the team as the season is finally given the green light! We will be announcing new partnerships this year as we navigate the various bends and chicanes of Covid. ...

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Understanding Enzymes

Understanding Enzymes| Nutraceuticals |Rebecca Spicer 19|06|2020 Understanding Enzymes One of the questions we are asked the most is what the units following our enzyme products actually mean. Understanding enzyme activity can be very complex and confusing, however, Nutraceuticals Group Europe is here to shed some light on how enzymes work and therefore, why enzyme units aren’t as mystifying (troublesome?) as they first appear to be.  How do Enzymes work? Enzymes are biological c...

Introducing Nutraceuticals Base Blends

Introducing Base Blends| Nutraceuticals 07|06|2020   Base Blends We strive to make your job easier. By choosing a Nutraceuticals Base Blend we provide the foundation for you to build your own product to suit your customers. Many of our range of ready formulated blends come with EFSA Health Claims. This means you can tell right away that the hard work has been done. If required we can then assist you with the tailoring that makes the blend unique to you.  We are always adding...

Food State Animation

What is Food State?

Food State | Nutraceuticals 13|05|2020 What is Food State? We really know our stuff at Nutraceuticals and decided to let Kav and Simon show you what Food State Vitamins and Minerals are, how they are made and why you might chose them for your product.

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

‘An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure’

Our guide to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain your body’s healthy functioning

During times of stress and disruption, we are more susceptible to the onslaught of disease and germs, so now is the perfect opportunity to boost your immune system and protect the marvellous machine that is your body!

The concept that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, was popularised by Benja...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement


In light of the issues globally regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Nutraceuticals Group would like to inform our customers of the below:

1. Coronavirus is a family of viruses which is believed to be solely transmitted via respiratory pathways and does not survive for extended periods of time on food or surfaces outside the body. There is believed to be no risk from food borne contamination - our QA department is assessing the latest scie...

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The Serious Matter of Allergy, What They Are, What They Do and How We Can Prevent Injury.

The serious matter of allergy, what they are, what they do and how we can prevent injury.

“Allergy is the most common chronic disease in Europe” (EAACI, 2016)
The increasing prevalence of food allergies worldwide means more people than ever are affected by allergies to food. It is predicted that by 2025, half of the entire EU population will be affected by chronic allergic diseases, the UK alone has an estimated 2 million people suffering from a diagnosed food aller...

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The Haskap Berry’s Bioactive Bounty!

Hello Haskap Berry Powder!Sourced from a traditional Japanese medicinal fruit with remarkable antioxidant properties, vibrant colouring and appealing tangy berry flavour.The Haskap Berry (Lonicera caerulea L.) is a unique berry that is new to the European nutraceuticals and functional foods market. It has, however, a centuries long history of providing health benefit to the communities of North East Asia. Haskap Berries have grown wild in various regions in Hokkaido, Japan - as well as ...

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Vegan Probiotics at Nutraceuticals - Helping you with Veganuary

  HERBAL HEALTH | By Michaela Tsangari | 14.01.2020     Vegan, gut biome enthusiast?  Nutraceuticals has you covered Probiotic supplements that are as good for your social conscience, as they are for your gut health! We have just been granted Vegan Society registration for a range of our Probiotic Powders. Now purchasing these supplements from Nutraceuticals means that you have the power to boost your body and make the wor...

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