Natural Antioxidants

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Nutraceuticals Group Europe supplies a range of natural antioxidants used in industry to keep your products fresh, including natural tocopherols, green tea polyphenols and rosemary acids.

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales colleagues to help guide you to the best ingredients to allow you to achieve your desired anitoxidant levels for your products. 

NGE Code Product Name Form Suggested Usage
NIGEVIT003301 Vitamin E Mixed Natural Tocopherol Powder 30% Non-GMO Powder 0.6% - 0.06%
NIGEVIT003201 Vitamin E Mixed Natural Tocopherol Oil 95% Non-GMO Oil 0.2% - 0.02% 
Green Tea
NIGEHER021401 Green Tea Extract 98% Polyphenols 80% Catechins 50% EGCG 0.5% Caffeine (Camellia sinensis) Powder 0.2% - 0.02% 
NIGEHER021201 Green Tea Extract 95% Polyphenols 75% Catechins 45% EGCG (Camellia sinensis) Powder 0.2% - 0.02% 
NIGEHER034505 Rosemary Leaf Extract 5% Rosmarinic Acid (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) Powder 0.25% - 1.5%
NIGEHER034501 Rosemary Leaf Extract 2.5% Rosmarinic Acid (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) Powder 0.5% - 3.0%
NIGEHER034511 Rosemary Leaf Extract 2% Carnosic Acid 5:1 (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) Powder 0.25% - 1.5%
NIGEHER034521 Rosemary Leaf Extract Oil 5% Carnosic Acid (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) Oil 0.15% - 0.5%
NIGEHER034531 Rosemary Leaf Extract 10% Carnosic Acid (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) Powder 0.07% - 0.1%

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